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Fake Caller


Do you want to make fool your friends.Do you want to prank your friends or near-ones.If you want your friends think about you are getting an important call and you still prefer them over celebrities like president or any other celebrities,then schedule a call, record your voice, saved contacts with Fake Caller Application.
If you want to ignore or away yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview, boring conversation, parties or any other situation where you are not feeling comfortable than here you can get perfect solution...Fake Caller Application!
“Record your voice” feature allows you to record your voice. and set as your caller voice. so automatically play this voice during call... amazing!
Key features:- If you want to change Fake caller id number than change it easily.- Also you can change name of caller.- As well as change fake caller picture.- For example you can set call like "your boss calling", "Girl friends calling ", "Dad calling", "Mom calling".- If you want to add contact name and number than easily you can do this.- If you want to set custom time then also you do this.- Set ringtone for voice change with recording, so record your voice and set easily.- Create ringtone your own name ringtone.- Here you can get all contacts and set in list or modify.- Schedule a new fake call at a specific time.- Easy to use.
So, Tricked your friends that a celebrities is calling you as well as teaching your children how to use smart phones with Fake Caller Application.This is one type of prank application not real but fully entertainment application.All permissions are getting here for better service, we never collect user schedule it and then prank your friends with Fake Caller.